August 13, 2012

LIVESound: Desaparecidos Reunite in Minneapolis, Release Two New Songs

The winners of this years reunion lottery without a doubt has to go to fans of early Aughties' post hardcore. Adding to that list is Conor Oberst, who many associate as the face of Bright Eyes, but also played double duty with his gone-too-soon punk outfit Desaparacidos during the early millennium. The Omaha-based quintet only managed to release one album in 2002's Read Music / Speak English before Oberst decided to fully dedicate himself to Bright Eyes, but Desaparecidos' legacy has still wedged its own special place in the broken hearts of indie-emo fans and anyone who needed a bit more electricity behind Oberst's angsty musings. Given that last year's Bright Eyes' return arrived to mixed feelings while his self-titled work can't seem to catch the same fire as anything else he's done, it doesn't surprise AS that Oberst is recharging with the bad ass side of his roots. They played their first show since announcing their reunion last Thursday in Minneapolis at the 400 Bar, and if there's one takeaway here, it's that Conor Oberst letting his hair grow down to his shoulders seems to have a special power in turning back the hands of time in both aging and on-stage energy. Desaparecidos will be touring along the west coast in the coming weeks, with dates currently ending at this year's FYF Fest. They've also just released two brand new songs that indicate the band hasn't skipped a beat in delivering vocal cord-straining emotive rockers. Watch clips from Desaparecidos' reunion show below, and then take a listen to their latest...

"Greater Omaha"

"Spanish Bombs"

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