Build Quality:5 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.9 out of 5 stars
Sound:5 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:5 out of 5 stars

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Cordoba FCWE Gipsy Kings Reissue


  • Exquisite construction
  • High-quality tonewood
  • Professional electronics
  • HumiCase for guitar’s best protection


  • The only con is that it is expensive as hell and I cannot have it

Cordoba by far is not the oldest and most experienced brand on the market. With some manufacturers clocking out a century of experience, Cordoba’s 20-year existence might seem like a bit of a beginner brand. So how the hell did it manage to raise to fame and contribute to the market as much as it did is beyond anyone’s understanding (except for people at Cordoba who apparently know what the hell they are doing). Famed for their innovations in nylon-string guitars their FCWE is their first thin-body acoustic-electric guitar.


The FCWE Gipsy Kings Reissue is a thin-line guitar handmade in Spain since the 90s. The top on this guitar is high-quality solid German spruce, while the solid Spanish cypress back and sides are obviously taken from a closer region. The neck is also a Spanish cedar neck with an Ebony fingerboard. The cutaway and thinline construction yields very comfortable acoustic-electric guitar that will be a perfect fit for intermediate and professional players. The thinline construction also allows for the nuanced sound of nylon string guitars.


The FCWE Gipsy Kings Reissue features Cordoba Premium Gold Tuning Machines with black ebony-style buttons and mounting screws. The saddle and nut that is 1.96″ are made from bone. Cordoba chose Savarez Cristal Corum in High Tension 500CJ which will bring a better more crisp sound. Also since this is a more professional model, high-tension strings are good things (it would have been an absolutely different issue if this was a beginner-intermediate model).

Cordoba has really created one of the best acoustic-electric guitars. Not only is this model comfortable and playable, it is beautiful in every detail. The all-natural inlaid wood mosaic and high gloss polyurethane finish brought the look of this model to perfection (not to mention that the finish is also important in letting the guitar vibrate and age well). Now, when manufacturers add a case or a gig bag to the guitar it mostly is a sort of a “get this and we will reward you with this low-quality product that will last you a couple of months” thing. But Cordoba uses HumiCase Thinbody Protege which is a perfect accessory/protection for this model. It is specifically designed to protect guitars from climate and humidity changes.

Cordoba FCWE Sound

While a lot of people looking into this model might think that flamenco is pretty much the limit or comfort zone for this guitar, it definitely is not the case. The FCWE is getting out of its comfort zone and let me tell you it is going pretty far. The model is perfect for pretty much any style (blues, jazz, latin, etc) and great for any style of playing. The overall sound is close to perfect, with low enough action and great playability this model is definitely stage-ready.    


The FCWE is equipped with Fishman Prefix Problend onboard Electronics with 3-band EQ is perfect for on stage flamenco performance. On top of that, you get a built-in microphone with Pickup/Mic blend control. The thinline body construction of this model allows for close to no feedback with amplification at high volumes. This system is made to deliver clear and articulate sound with string decision and great attack. Maybe it is a professional, stage-ready system but it definitely is not too elaborate for even a beginner to master.


Cordoba FCWE Gipsy Kings Reissue is long-awaited for a reason. This has to be one of my favorite Cordoba instruments of all time. The exquisite construction, top-quality tonewood, and professional electronics that deliver the perfect, articulate sound of this model are enough to make me empty my savings account (if I actually had it). The thinbody design is perfect as it reduces the feedback while also being extremely comfortable and lightweight.

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