Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE


  • Quality tonewood
  • Good electronics
  • Warm sound


  • High action
  • Big body

If you have been looking into buying acoustic-electrics guitars and stumbled upon the name of Alvarez that should not be a big surprise. The company prides itself on its craftsmanship so every single guitar for them has to prove its mastery. That is why Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE is one of the best acoustic-electric guitars on the market nowadays. Instead of praising it for much longer let’s get into some details.

Build Quality

The AJ80CE is part of Artist Series, one of the top lines that feature guitars with clean balance and great response that are perfectly cut out for performance. This specific model is a jumbo body type which might be a bit bulky for a beginner but as an intermediate or professional player, you will be blown away by the sound and volume. The top is made of “A” grade solid Sitka spruce while the back and sides are made from maple. Overall, the combination of these materials creates resonant, clear and warm volume. The maple neck is connected to the body through the standard dovetail neck. That along with hand-sanded scalloped bracing makes this model more durable and helps it vibrate better.


Alvarez has managed to use great quality hardware for this more affordable model. The Real bone nut and saddle are absolutely amazing and perfect quality. Nowadays, with more synthetic bone and plastic materials becoming more popular even some of the higher end models do not feature a real bone. Even though synthetic materials are not that bad it never hurts to have the real deal.

The premium die-cast tuners are easy to use and high quality while the premium high gloss finish protects the guitar and lets it vibrate at the same time. There is rather a thin line (pun intended…) between a too thick coating that ruins vibration and too thin coating that will just chip away. The coating on this one is just the right amount and quality. One issue that comes up with this guitar is that the action might be a bit too high for some people’s taste but then again that is a fixable problem.

Alvarez AJ80CE Sound

It is hard to come by an affordable instrument that has good tonewood and hardware. That being said, once these two are in place, the sound will most probably not disappoint. That is the case with the AJ80CE. While you can literally feel the guitar vibrate against your body it also is very intricate in the tonality.  Very warm and balanced tone will make you want to play twenty-four hours, seven days a week. It is also very versatile in styles which will be a big advantage.


Alvarez decided to equip with B-Band SYS550 electronics with EQ and tuner on their AJ80CE. When you have a great acoustic sound the last thing you want it for the low-quality electronics to ruin the reproduction. Fortunately, that is not going to be one of your problems. This system uses patented under saddle film pickup which eliminates synthetic sounds. This results in a beautiful, acoustic sound that will not be ruined by anything. On top of that, you also get a chromatic digital tuner that is extremely easy to read.


Whether you are looking for your first acoustic-electric guitar or a backup for your more expensive model you still have to research quite a lot. The process might be harder if you are on a budget. There is an abundance of choices on the market for budget-friendly guitars but not all of them are the same quality, of course. Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE is definitely one of the top-tier acoustic-electric models that stands out among hundreds and hundreds of other ones that just cannot compare to the sound, feel and playability of this baby.

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  1. I have a six alverez electric acustic with a natural finish on the front with a mahogany finish on the back m /ad -6 I been trying to find a year and a price I love feel of it and the sound of it especially sitting in the back yard with friends and family and a cold beers very pleased with it iam just wanting to know if you could let me know 😊 what M/ Ad- 6 means thank you and and ripple on


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