Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job V2 EQ and Booster Effects Pedal


  • Basically two pedals in one
  • Sweet tone
  • Simple controls with many functions


  • It’s easy to accidentally mess up the knobs

You know what I love the most about my effects pedals? You might have so many different answers, such as the tone quality, durability or diverse tweaking options. All those versions would be true, but they would not be the number one factor. Let me free you from deduction and tell you that I absolutely adore the philosophy and the vision behind every unit. The specific approaches of the brands are always displayed through their devices. As you perform with their pedals, you can feel what they had in mind and what they wanted you to experience. When I perform with my favorite stompboxes my end goal is not just creating perfect riffs. I do also want to connect with my equipment and feel their breaths. This way we can unite and produce masterpieces together. And that is what has driven me so far and will probably continue to do so in the future. The reason why I am telling you this story is that the brand I am discussing today has dedicated all of its effort to creating the pedals that have a history to deliver. Tone Job from EarthQuaker devices does an excellent job at equalizing your sound to perfection. Let’s discuss it more deeply and see what makes it so special!


When you unpack EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job, it does not exactly look like an equalizer. If you do not read specific labels, you might even confuse with another effects pedal. It takes one thorough glance to figure out what it actually is. This bad boy is definitely an equalizer and a powerful one too! It is built with old audiophile-grade studio preamps in mind, which means it pays a lot of attention to the sound and the role of each component in delivering ethereal performance. It is hand-built with top notch material, farther extending its overall quality and making sure this fella will not break apart during the most important moments. Tone Job works perfectly with a wide variety of instruments: anything from bass and electric guitar to synthesizers. You can basically connect it with anything that you can grab and still receive amazing results. Additionally, this bad boy has True Bypass which utilizes electronic relay-based switching. And let me tell you that those are not just words. It does actually offer quiet operation and will not interfere with your signal once disengaged. One of the benefits of Tone Job is the fact that it can be powered with both 9V and 18V supplies. This way you will not have to come up with innovative ways if you forget either of these at home. One last thing, this pedal has a beautiful design. You will see the painting of two shaking hands on the blue surface, which is simply appealing to the eye. What else would one need to do the perfect Tone Job (pun intended)?! Nothing much, right?  


EarthQuaker Devices decided to step away from graphic equalizers and design the control section in a more contemporary manner. They comprised the panel with knobs that can modify various properties in your sound. Tone Job is extremely straightforward and can be tweaked in a matter of seconds. Such simplicity saves you a lot of time that you can spend on producing innovative riffs and pieces. Let’s discuss each encoder in order to figure out if such a layout makes any sense at all!

The four-knob panel starts with the Level control. It allows you to modify the overall volume of the output and, thus, keep it in sync with the rest of your chain. Nobody wants their affected sound to scream like it is the end of the world. Next we have the Treble, which changes the response of higher frequencies and allows you to add shimmer or cut any spikes that are present in your signal. Bass does the same thing but with the bottom-end. The same goes with Mid, as well, which can be adjusted in order to scoop the midrange or add more dimension to it. All three of them can be utilized in all different ways to create unique effects and tonal colors. Finally, on the bottom of the pedal, we have a footswitch that turns the device on when needed and deactivates it when its job is completed.

EQD Tone Job Sound

The sound of Tone Job is just as multifaceted as the rest of the pedal. I will start by saying that the controls are interactive. This means that altering the settings of one will have some impact on the other. This way you can tailor your sound precisely and create a uniform ambiance. What is more, this bad boy offers ±20dB cut or boost on each frequency band. This will turn any performer into a real boss of his/her sound. This gives you enough power to shape the color of your tone subtly or go completely crazy and still achieve wonderful results. The volume knob has its own supernatural powers. It can make your signal 5 times stronger compared to the original. This means that it can boost your sound a great deal and force your amplifier to get out of your comfort zone and operate at maximum capacity. Once again, this allows you to get creative with your equalizer and produce unique music. Tone Job is diversified even further with the ability to discern the signal from countless instruments. This fella is fantastic, isn’t it?


On the whole, Tone Job from EarthQuaker Devices acts as a powerful tone shaping tool. It has high-quality enclosure and top-grade components that contribute to creating the amazing sound it can emit. It is user-friendly and does not take hours to figure out. Plus, its design will make it a real staple on your pedalboard. Its sound definitely stands out with its quality. Just about any demo will show you what I mean so you can check them out as well. If you decide to invest in Tone Job, then you will not be disappointed. Good luck!

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