Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use


  • Jacks are very similar and their names are not easy to make out
  • The display is a bit hard to read in direct sunlight

Oh, sweet Joyo! Sometimes I really think that I would not be able to follow my musical passion if it weren’t for these cheaper brands that manufacture the clones of well-known pedals. If we’re speaking ethically, that might be wrong, but I think it’s better to have copycats than force countless people to forget about their guitars. With the help of companies such as Joyo, we have the ability to explore whatever effect we want without selling our house or getting a bank loan in exchange.

And that’s a wonderful thing, my friend, and no one can deny that. When searching the market with its abundant choices, it’s really hard to stay afloat in the bulk of affordable pedals and Joyo is the brand that can act as log you can hold onto. Today we’re going to talk about their JT-305 Chromatic Tuner – a wonderful option if you’re looking for an inexpensive tuner.

It is essentially a clone of Korg Pitchblack and is very similar to its features and capabilities. It offers amazing properties that will help you during your daily performances. No matter what your scenario is – you need a decent tuner in your life. If you’re interested in purchasing an inexpensive, yet capable tuner, this article is the perfect match for you. Let’s get started!


As I have mentioned above, Joyo JT-305 is basically a clone of Korg Pitchblack. For that reason, their functionalities and features are rather similar. If you scrutinize one, you know what’s going on with the other. Regardless, it is still necessary to understand what the cheaper version has that makes it one of the best tuner pedals out there. JT-305 is housed in a black enclosure that has a wide display. It will show you what’s going on in terms of your notes. Depending on the design you choose, the LEDs will light up differently, but one thing remains constant – we have 11 meters that make sure you know how out-of-tune your tones are.

Though the display might be hard to make out in direct sunlight, it works wonderfully on dark stages. The tuning range here is A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4,186.01 Hz), while the calibration is adjustable and can be modified with any setting from 436 to 445 Hz. This way you can get down to business and take precision to a whole new level. This puppy can be powered with a single 9V battery or an adapter. It does also have the capability of supplying other pedals in your signal chain via DC Out jack.

This way you can spare yourself from additional cables and let your rig breathe out with relief. To be honest, JT-305 does everything you would expect from such a simple tuner, and maybe even more. It has nice tracking and responds really well to whatever you play. It gets on well with your guitar or bass, turning it into something that can be utilized regardless of the type of instrument. Our beloved Korg Pitchblack has a really strong rival since this affordable version can kick an ass or two. Wonderful job, Joyo, you never cease to surprise us!


I have said this many times and I am not afraid to repeat myself: tuners don’t need additional controls unless we’re being picky. They don’t require knobs and toggles to give us the results we want. The main thing they need is a footswitch that will make it possible to tune the hell out of your guitar. Joyo JT-305 will fulfill all your desires with such kind of approach. It will deliver a wonderful performance with a single pot to stomp on. But the brand decided that such an attitude would have been too mainstream, so they chose to include a couple more controls for added precision. Similar to the original, this one comes with Display and Calib buttons.

The first one enables you to easily switch between available settings and select the desired design for the display. The second one allows you to adjust the calibration to your liking and explore what works best for you. Though it might not seem like it, the combination of these two gives you more control than you would actually need. But it’s still nice to have some options on hand just in case. JT-305 is as easy to use as it can get. Wow!

Joyo JT‌ 305 Sound

Joyo never fails to deliver products that have decent sonic capabilities. Though JT-305 doesn’t have an audible effect, it still has certain sonic features that make it worth considering if you’re searching for an affordable tuner. It has true bypass, which means that it won’t color your sound no matter what. This is the case when this claim is true in practice as well, and with its help, you can achieve wonderful results. Since it is chromatic, it will recognize your notes wonderfully and provide you with an easy tuning experience.

It is smooth and consistent, acting the same way regardless of the external settings. This little baby will treat your sound as if it were a beautiful princess. Your signal will be muted while tuning so that you can spare your audience from listening to that annoying tuning process. Don’t expect studio quality performance from it, though, after all it’s an affordable pedal. But for daily utilization, be it a stage or bedroom practice, this one is the best thing you can get for the price!


On the whole, it’s really hard to go wrong with Joyo JT-305. It’s a reliable unit that you can keep in your rig just in case your guitar or bass decides to be out of tune. It will do its job wonderfully without any trouble or fuss, and operate with just a press of a footswitch. If there was a competition for straight-forward tuners, this one would definitely win (or at least come really close). Give it a shot and you will see what I am talking about. Good luck! 

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