Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Great build quality
  • Versatile features and options
  • Two-in-one pedal
  • Amazing sound


  • Might develop some distortion at certain settings

Today’s market features so many brands that you might get lost while looking for the best reverb pedal out there. We have talked about this many times, but today I wanted to mention something that we do not usually underline – smaller, lesser-known brands can be extremely capable as well. More often than not they are looked down on due to the fact that some of them manufacture their products in China. However, that does not necessarily indicate on poor quality and those devices can be quite amazing in terms of sound and features. What I am trying to say is that as musicians, we have to be open to newer possibilities and never judge a book by its cover. Who knows, an inexpensive pedal might become your best friend regardless of the country it was produced in. You do actually have to try out some of the stompboxes out there and see if they work for you. Otherwise, you will miss out on so many great things! The reason why I talked about this subject is that today we are discussing NUX and their Atlantic Delay & Reverb. This brand is known to manufacture the clones of renowned pedals, however, that is not always the case (they are not exact replicas). Anyway, let’s continue and see what the deal with this bad boy is.


NUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb is not just a plain reverb pedal with mediocre features. It is a two-in-one stompbox that can create equally amazing reverb and delay. But that is not the limit of its versatility, to be more precise, it is the beginning. What I mean is that his baby offers 3 types of delay (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) – all of them with different delay times. This effect has Tap Tempo functionality, which allows you to set the rhythm by clicking the footswitch on multiple types with desired speed. It can range from 125ms to 1500ms, giving you a wide array of patterns to work with. The reverb has three types as well, namely, Spring, Hall and Plate & Shimmer. The latter adds extra brightening effect if you hold down the footswitch and creates a shiny, expansive and lush reverb. What is more, Atlantic Delay & Reverb gives you the possibility to choose the desired configuration. This means that you can select which effect is added to your signal first and route them according to your taste. You even have the ability to create a parallel chain and employ them simultaneously. You can switch them up occasionally to experiment with different ways from time to time. This pedal offers stereo operation as well, so it has a single input (that can be connected to your instrument or an effects chain) and two outputs. It does also have adjustable input volume for tailoring the stompbox with high or low impedance units. Atlantic Delay & Reverb has Core Image Technology that promises to enhance the sonic palette professionally (we will see if it is just a promise or an actual fact below). We cannot forget that this baby looks sleek and fancy with its dark enclosure and red knobs. And everything is durable, too. Amazing job, NUX!


Though the control panel is not sophisticated and retains its simplicity, we cannot neglect the fact that it is crowded. The fact that we have two footswitches, 5 knobs and a couple of toggles is not surprising due to the ample features we have discussed above. I will not beat around the bush and discuss each of them right away.

On the panel you will see two separate Level knobs. One (left) is in charge of the volume of Delay, while the other (right) takes care of the level of Reverb. Repeat modifies the number of delay repetitions, while Time alters delay time. Delay is activated through a dedicated footswitch that can also engage Tap Tempo functionality. Decay changes the time, after which the reverberated signal fades away. This effect does also have a separate footswitch, that can trigger Shimmer as well (with a special combination of switches). In the middle of these knobs, you will see two toggles: one shifts between delay modes, the other selects reverb modes. There are two switches on the side of the pedal as well – they modify the impedance and set serial or parallel operation, respectively.

NUX Atlantic Sound

Everything we discussed sounded too good to be true, however, when it comes to the sound, things really start to go high in gear. NUX managed to combine two effects without compromising the quality of any. It put together something that creates defined delay with breathtaking echoes, and lush reverb that can be sustained to perfection. With the addition of shimmer, the latter starts to shine with different color and character. Your notes elongate and become reminiscent of high-quality reverbs. The ability to choose between three modes with each effect adds up to the whole package and turns this pedal into a real monster. Atlantic Delay & Reverb has wonderful sonic quality, and when you look at the price point, that is really surprising. This is not the cheapest pedal out there, however, it is definitely inexpensive for what it is. This baby combines reverb and delay in the most beautiful manner (be it serial or parallel) and emits heavenly notes. You just have to set everything up, make some adjustments, try out several settings and once you find that sweet spot, all you will have left is performing interminably.


All in all, NUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb is a surprising piece of equipment as it offers way more than one would initially expect. You might think that it is a cheap practice tool, but that belittles it a great deal. This baby has wonderful capabilities and its versatility is hard to compete with. Who knew such a basic pedal would turn out to be so capable and diverse? If you do not believe me, you will find great demos online. Listen to them and all your suspicions will disappear. Good luck!

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