Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Orange PPC108 1x8 Closed-Back Speaker Cabinet Bundle


  • Produces the signature tone of Orange amps
  • Quite powerful, loud (but in a good way)
  • Unbelievable sound and clarity


  • If you rely on clean tones, this might not be the one

Orange amplifiers have worked really hard to create and then maintain the name they possess. With each model they bring out, their fame becomes even more ubiquitous and well-grounded. This is due to the build quality and mind-blowing sounds that is recurrent from amp to amp. Orange PPC108 speaker cabinet with MT20 Micro Terror head is no exception to that rule. At first, you might get suspicious about the capabilities of these tiny units (especially the head that is basically a “lunch box”), however, once you start jamming, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you want to find out more about this bundle, get comfortable and continue this journey with me. Let’s get started!


There is nothing much to say about the PPC108 speaker cabinet other than the fact that it has a single 8” speaker and 20 watts of power capacity (only compatible with Micro Terror or Micro Dark). The only responsibility it has is to emit amazing sound and it succeeds at that. The rest falls onto the shoulders of MT20 Micro Terror head. This tiny fella operates using a single ECC83/12AX7 valve in the preamp section, which is what gives Orange amps their distinctive tones. It has 4 ohms of impedance, making it compatible with other speakers with 8 ohms (or more) of impedance. Micro Terror can drive not only PPC108 but any other bigger cabinet as well. This little beast has a single input for your instrument, a 3.5mm auxiliary input for external sources, such as an MP3 player or a CD, as well as a ¼” headphone output for silent practicing. PPC108 and MT20 Micro Terror both have that signature Orange design, the cabinet being featured in a basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth and square edges, and the head being “captured” in a white high-tensile steel case with orange and black accents.


If there is anything like an ultimate measurement standard for simplicity, MT20 Micro Terror must be it. All you need to do is plug it in with the PPC108, twist three existing knobs and you will be ready to rock any performance. The controls on this tiny gem are not only easy to grasp, but they are also extremely accurate and responsive. I will break down the functionalities of each of them and further simplify the tweaking process.

Now, the control panel starts with the Power toggle, which turns the unit on and off. When the device is activated, you will see the LED light that will indicate on its status. Then we have the Volume knob, which changes the level of the speaker output and makes sure that everything is well-balanced. Plus, it gives you the option to get really crazy and shatter some windows with its loudness. Next comes the Tone knob. This bad boy acts as an EQ and finds the silver-lining between bass and treble. As you turn it clockwise, the sound becomes brighter. Last but definitely not least, we have the Gain knob. When it is turned all the way to the left, the speaker does not emit any sounds. But as you crank it up and turn it clockwise, it starts to distort the signal and create crazy drive. As you can see, you will need a couple of hours of experimentation and this beast will be tamed.

Orange PPC108 Sound

Can an Orange amp sound like a crap? I do not think so, however, it still takes careful consideration before giving the final judgment. After trying out PPC108 and MT20 Micro Terror together, it can easily be stated that this bundle is the best thing that can happen to your sound. Even though they might not look like it, they are extremely loud and can take a leading role under any circumstances. The speaker maintains the vibe of valves and strives to wrap everything up in a vintage blanket. Micro Terror provides you with thick, lush, gnarly distortion that can be tweaked to any extent. You could easily start with subtle overdrive that screams character and then continues with an extreme growl of ‘70s. If you are in search for the cleanest tones out there, this bundle might not be for you. However, if you love to rock, you definitely have to hear the spectacular sound of it.


Orange did an amazing job at capturing the sound of the bigger heads and cabinets into their miniature variations. PPC108 and MT20 Micro Terror are too small to be taken seriously, however, once you plug them in, you will have a jaw-dropping experience. These two get on like a house on fire and act as if they had a single body. They are responsive to your playing techniques and gear, thus, they can easily reflect whatever you are trying to deliver. Grab PPC108 and MT20 Micro Terror and show the world how to get the job done. Good luck!

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