Build Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.5 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.5 out of 5 stars
Value:4.5 out of 5 stars
Average:4.5 out of 5 stars

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Regal Studio RD-30MS Series Squareneck


  • Affordable
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Great Sound


  • Plain Look

Not everybody who wants to play a resonator guitar has the cash to buy the most expensive instrument on the market. Not only that, but there are so many expensive options on the market, it might seem like there is a huge entry barrier for the instrument. It is, after all, hard to find a good cheap option for a resonator guitar. Thankfully this is not too huge a problem anymore. Let’s take a look at the Regal Studio RD030MS Series Squareneck resonator guitar and see what makes it one of the better affordable options on the market.

Body Quality

Like so many other affordable resonator guitar options on the market, the Regal Studio RD-30MS Series has a bias towards a very specific body shape and construction. The grand concert parlor guitar design keeps the guitar small and yet powerful in its projection. A comfortable design for any person who appreciates ease in starting to learn a new instrument.

The body of the guitar is built entirely out of Mahogany. The back, sides and top of the guitar are all made of this sturdy, dark hardwood. This gives a guitar a bias towards lower tone sounds. The mahogany also gives the guitar a darker color, yet there are a brighter colored option available as well. The sturdy nature of the hardwood means you will have a dedicated guitar that will last you a long time, no matter how many bumps on the road and punishment you put it through.

The neck of the guitar is made out of mahogany as well. This proves to be a good choice, always, since the neck becomes highly stable and very sturdy. Try as you might, you will not be able to damage it, unless of course you are swinging the guitar into a wall. The square neck of the guitar is, as intended, perfect for on top of the lap playing. The fretboard of the guitar is rosewood, complimenting the rest of the guitar’s colors well.

The cover plate of the guitar is built out of aluminum and is designed to create a handsome front for the guitar.


The bridge of the guitar is, as expected, an aluminum spider bridge. You learn to recognize these things when you’ve seen enough cover plates. The spider bridge is as always a great addition to the guitar, making a great transfer point for the vibrations of the strings to the cone.

The cone of the guitar is spun aluminum. It is a single cone, with a powerful projection and a beautiful emphasis on the high and mid tones. The projection of the cone is impeccable and enough for anyone to enjoy.

The nut of the guitar is made of bone and is raised for comfortable guitar slide playing. Yet the guitar is also accessible to those intimidated or unknowing of how to play with a slide, with the nut being just short enough to make finger fretting easy.

Regal Studio RD-30MS Sound

The guitar has a great sound, especially for the price you will be paying for the guitar. While the projection might not be as powerful as with more expensive models with better cones, it should be sufficient for most beginners. The tonality of the guitar is beautiful, with the typical twang that you’re looking for when buying a guitar like this being ever-present.


This guitar amazes me every time I think about it. It is very affordable and beginner friendly and yet it has a great sound. This is something you don’t see too often in the resonator guitar world. Definitely recommended for a beginner and even for a professional looking for a practice guitar or a cheap replacement.

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