Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.9 out of 5 stars

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Takamine EF341SC Pro Series


  • Amazing sound
  • Great looks
  • Great electronics


  • Pricey
  • Not for beginners (unless you have thousands to spare)

Sound, construction, and looks are the holy trinity for me. If a guitar is lacking one (God forbid, two) of these factors then I sure as hell will be passing on buying it. But not all guitars are, or should be, judged equally. For instance, I will not scrutinize a $200 acoustic-electric guitar for beginners the same way as I would a higher-end model that comes at a whopping $1300. On that note, let’s talk about Takamine EF341SC Pro Series and whether it is worth spending a couple of hundred bucks more on this baby.


The EF341SC is a beautiful, handcrafted dreadnought. Takamine knows what they are doing when we are talking construction and tonewood. After all, they have been producing some top-notch quality guitars for over five decades now. A solid cedar top in combination with maple back and sides creates a premium level guitar with a mesmerizing, mellow sound. And as is expected of great quality tonewood, the sound will only get better and better with time until you reach the Nirvana of sound that you will never be able to forget in your life. The neck that joins the body with a traditional, sturdy dovetail joint, is made of mahogany creating a perfect accompaniment to the cedar top.


This model features great quality chrome tuners for precision and sturdy Takamine headstock. The bridge is made of rosewood bridge that is not only functional but goes very well with the overall look of this guitar. The saddle and nut are made of bone (only the best quality material for the nut). This model also ships with D’Addario EXP16 light-gauge strings and a hardshell case. D’Addario’s set of strings are high quality and will work very well but noone will judge you if you want some more high-end (or maybe medium gauge) strings. As for the hardshell casing, it does what it is supposed to: protects you not so cheap instrument from any harm imaginable (unless for some reason, you are really keen on destroying your guitar).

Takamine EF341SC Sound

The sound is where Takamine’s expertise shines. They never fail to create guitars that deliver the best of the best. The full, rich sound that is so characteristic of acoustic guitars is all a result of great construction and high-quality tonewood. Plugged or unplugged, this baby delivers an amazing, balanced tone. AND since this is a full-sized dreadnought it will probably not come as a surprise that the volume on the EF341SC is bombastic.


Well, you are here not just for the acoustics but for the electric part as well (I am pretty sure, at least) so let’s talk a bit about the electronics that Takamine chose for this model.  The CT4B II preamp system, volume control, and a built-in chromatic tuner, as well as Palathetic under-saddle pickup, provide amazing tools to enhance your performance and fully deliver on the sound. When you plug in, you will realize why some of the most famous and well-renowned musicians like Springsteen choose Takamine for their performances.


With guitars that come above $1000, you have to nitpick. Every detail has to be if not perfect than close to perfect when you buy an instrument at such a price. Takamine EF341SC Pro Series comes very close to perfection and will be a great asset for performing professionals or intermediate players who only want the best quality. Construction, sound, and looks (the holy trinity) are all present and amazing in this one and that’s why it has our the seal of approval.

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