Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Easy to use
  • Well-built
  • Compact
  • Accentuates the magical sound of your acoustic guitar


  • Cannot be powered with batteries

Even though acoustic preamps come in all shapes and sizes, it won’t offend anyone to say that, in general, they all share the same patterns. I’m not trying to say that they’re all the same and there’s no difference between them. But, on the whole, they all have the features that they share with one another. As you go from high-end to affordable variations, you’ll encounter similar attitudes towards tone shaping – the amount of the options will lessen, though. It is quite rare to find something that takes the concept of acoustic preamplifier and rediscovers its essence or offers a whole different approach. Even though it isn’t that common, it definitely isn’t impossible. And TC Electronic proves that with its BodyRez. Instead of utilizing typical technology, it incorporates pickup enhancement functionality while suppressing the feedback simultaneously. The same technology was employed in renowned Play Acoustic processor, but now we have it in a separate pedal. Not everyone requires audio effects and sophisticated functionalities – some of us just want our acoustic guitars to maintain their virtues. That’s it. BodyRez is the embodiment of such desire and does everything we want with ease. If you are looking for something that can be described with the qualities I described earlier, then you should definitely keep on reading and scrutinize various properties in depth. Let’s begin!


I can guarantee that you won’t be able to grasp the full potential of TC Electronic BodyRez just by looking at its surface. It’s easy to assume that you’re dealing with a single-knob pedal that doesn’t have any interesting features. However, once you plug it in and mess around with it, you’re quickly proven wrong. Let’s start with the basics: this puppy has a really small footprint, especially if you compare it with other acoustic preamps. It will take up hardly any space on your pedalboard and it will be really easy to carry it around as well. I’m sure you already know this (from previous experience with TC Electronic) but let me remind you that BodyRez has wonderful build quality. More importantly, this little buddy offers the customers acoustic pickup enhancement technology. The brand is ambiguous about its exact definition, so it’s hard to tell what it does precisely. But I think it won’t be inaccurate to assume that it’s a sort of combination of compression and EQ. According to the manufacturer, it utilizes filters and different internal components to bring back the natural resonance and dynamics of your under-saddle pickups. It has a mute mode, which enables you to change instruments seamlessly or just mute the output for whatever reason you might have. BodyRez has a true bypass circuitry to make sure your sound turns out just the way you imagined it to. Though you won’t find it on the surface, with a simple combination of presses you can unveil in-built phase control, which will help you eliminate the feedback. It goes without saying that this fella is extremely easy to use, you just have to spend some time with it just to understand what effect it adds to your signal. Keep in mind that it can’t be powered with batteries, so you’ll have to use an adapter with this one.


TC Electronic BodyRez has one knob on the surface and a single footswitch. The combination of those two is what you notice initially, forcing you to rethink your purchase and feel disappointed. However, in reality, that single encoder is way more capable than multiple ones on many other devices. The fact that the brand left the mystery behind its capabilities adds more fun to the whole process and really turns the utilization into an enjoyable journey.

The single control I’m talking about is called Body. It adjusts the level of the BodyRez effect and, thus, makes it either subtler or more prominent. Turning it slowly will expose many layers and diversify your sound quite a bit. The footswitch here takes up several responsibilities – it isn’t a turn-on/turn-off type of thing. A single push will activate the pedal, while the same motion will trigger the true bypass mode. If you press it and hold it, you’ll be able to mute the output. And lastly, if you press the footswitch while plugging in the adapter, you’ll enter the phase mode in which you’ll have the ability to tame the feedback. As you can see, BodyRez definitely doesn’t have a learning curve – you can tweak it even without any directions or manuals. Learn what the footswitch hides under the hood and you’ll be ready for daily utilization.

TC BodyRez Sound

The sound of TC Electronic BodyRez can’t be compared to anything else. Though you can achieve similar results by using the combination of equalizers and compressors, here you get an additional ambiance that you don’t usually encounter in other units. By rotating a single knob, you immediately start hearing the effect. It thickens your sound and scoops the mids while keeping the compression subtle throughout the whole journey. It can get a bit too much at maximum settings, but it depends on the playing style you’re utilizing. It is always possible to dial down the effect while still being able to maintain the equalized sound i.e. enhanced low and high end. BodyRez is a sort of effect that mightn’t be that audible at all times, but as you unplug it, you can definitely hear the difference. Even with a single knob you can achieve a wide array of different sounds, turning this pedal into a revolutionary unit.


All in all, TC Electronic BodyRez is a real treat for those who are tired of tweaking and want something that offers ‘set it and forget it’ approach. It is versatile and capable, with high quality sound and body. It will surprise you countless times and display a new virtue each time you plug in. Listen to demos or try it out yourself and you’ll understand better just how much potential is hidden behind BodyRez. Good luck!

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