Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Wonderful build quality
  • Large and bright display
  • True Bypass
  • The accuracy of 0.5 percent


  • Might be a bit slow for some

The world of musical equipment works in a queer manner: sometimes you’ll come across an effects pedal from a brand that has nothing to do with the whole thing, while in other cases you’ll see the company that has direct connections with a specific stompbox. Let’s be honest – both categories have countless options and no one can say which one of them is better in creating the most badass units of all time. The quality differs from one specific model to another and there are hardly any general rules that can be applied to effects devices (some of you might argue with me on this one but I stand by this statement).

Whether you agree with me or not, the only thing that matters is to figure out which pedals are the best in their own category. Today we’re going to discuss a tuner pedal from a brand that has a lot of expertise in this particular field. GoGo Tuners is a manufacturer that specializes in tuners (hence the name) and their GoGo Chromatic Pedal Tuner combines all that experience in a single shell. This little baby has numerous virtues and we’ll dive into all the details in a second. Grab your favorite snack, get comfortable and get your amazon account ready – the chances are you’ll want to purchase this one immediately. I’ll stop beating around the bush and get down to business. Let’s begin already!


When you search The GoGo Chromatic Tuner online, the chances are you’ll see the rave about its screen quite a lot. That feature is something that sets this brand and this particular pedal apart from the competition. The thing is that the screen on this bad boy occupies about 90 percent of the whole body. Here, there’s no way you will want to complain about the visibility, since the print is so big, even someone with poor eyesight will see everything without their glasses.

More importantly, The GoGO Chromatic Tuner can discern all 12 notes due to its chromatic nature. This means that you won’t have any problems with the recognition of any sounds unless you are forcing this one to read complicated chords. It has a true bypass circuitry, which transfers your signal without touching any of its features or qualities, making it possible to keep this pedal in your chain. It can work in the daisy chain, as well, turning its utilization into a convenient process. The GoGo Chromatic Tuner has an extremely durable chassis, which is made out of high-quality metal.

This means that you can stomp it carelessly without worrying about ruining its components or the shell itself. The best thing about this stompbox is that its accuracy is around 0.5 percent which is amazing to say the least. In other words, you can stay assured that your notes will be displayed correctly and the tuning process will contain hardly any mistakes. Great stuff, ha? The GoGo Chromatic Tuner can be powered with a single battery or an adapter, depending on your needs and the time you devote to it. I always prefer the power supplies but there are scenarios when we have to utilize the batteries and it’s always better to have that option. This little stompbox is something that will deliver high-quality operation without stretching your budget too much. The cherry on top? Its shell is orange!


The GoGo Chromatic Tuner is one of the simplest pedals you’ll find on the market. And that’s a statement I never thought I would make! I would say that simplicity accompanies every single tuner out there, however, it still remains relative in the majority of cases. This time, this baby takes this concept to a whole new level and provides us with the ability to achieve our goals with ease.

The GoGo Chromatic Tuner has a footswitch mounted below the huge screen (that is basically the only thing you see when you look at this pedal). It acts as the main player here, as it activates the circuitry and makes the tuning process possible. You simply have to press it once and you’ll be good to go. One more thing that is worth noting here is that the above-mentioned footswitch is comprised with high-grade components that enhance its longevity and make its action smoother. All in all, The GoGo Chromatic Tuner is a type of unit that won’t require any manuals and instructions in order to be figured out. It’s as easy as that!

GoGo Tuner Sound

The sound of The GoGo Chromatic Tuner is inaudible. Its operation is extremely transparent and soundless. As you plug in your instrument and press the footswitch, it will quickly start responding to whatever you play and show you whether your notes are sharp or flat. The screen will visualize everything perfectly, as it can be seen even from far away. This wonderful tuner won’t interfere with your signal at all with the help of its true bypass circuitry.

Nobody wants their tuner to ruin everything they worked so hard on, am I right? With The GoGo Chromatic Tuner, you can be assured that things won’t take a different turn and everything will go exactly as planned. This baby is something you should own if you want your gear to be reliable and trustworthy. After all, you’ll never know when your strings decide to play those tricky games on you.


To sum up everything said above, The GoGo Chromatic Tuner from GoGo Tuners is one of the best options if quality is your preference. It is built with great material that guarantees wonderful performance all of the time. The accuracy and precision here are out of this world, so that newbies and professionals can enjoy the tuning process equally. While still remaining in the affordable price range, The GoGo Chromatic Tuner manages to merge together simplicity and great operation. I can’t see the reason why you should say no to this one, so go for it. Good luck!

Short Review

Speaking of simplicity, we can’t continue this article without mentioning The GoGo Chromatic Tuner from GoGo Tuners. This wonderful beast is so easy to operate that you’ll be able to get the hang of it even blindfolded. All you have to do is press the footswitch and you’ll be ready to tune all those naughty notes in seconds. This bad boy has an accuracy of 0.5 percent which indicates a high level of precision. You can stay assured that everything will be perfect with this one. The GoGo Chromatic Tuner has amazing build quality due to its metal chassis, smooth footswitch and internal components that make everything work like a Swiss clock. This puppy runs on a single battery or an adapter, allowing you to choose whichever you prefer depending on your situation. Let’s not forget its enormous LCD display and bright lights that show you whether your notes are flat, sharp or in tune. As you can see, this one is a must-have!

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