Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Truetone V3H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo


  • Extremely versatile
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible


  • Some might find it over-complicated
  • Large size

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about chorus? The answer to this question will vary from one guitar player to another, however, I am sure I know the two turns this might take. Many will name Leslie speakers and their rotary systems, and many will concentrate on legendary pedals. Some might even mention the music of ‘80s and its distinguishing essence. No matter what you lean towards to, we can all agree that the easiest way to produce chorus is with a stompbox. There are ample choices and brands, majority of which are quite amazing. This means that it is always hard for the companies to invent something different, something that will mesmerize throngs of customers. Truetone (a.k.a. Visual Sound) succeeded at that when they came out with V3 of H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo. This is a badass hybrid that combines two effects in a single enclosure. Many of you might be skeptical of such configuration, but I assure you – this thing works like heaven. If you want to purchase something like this one but have not made up your mind yet, this article will help you decide what to splurge for. Let’s get started!


There is so much to say about the features of V3 H2O that I don’t even know where to start. But I will try to get my head straight, gather all the thoughts and discuss everything in an intelligent manner. First of all, this is a hybrid between a chorus and a delay pedal. This does not mean that these two effects are digitally processed and created that way. This means that Truetone incorporated two different circuits and basically combined two stompboxes. This way you can utilize chorus and delay simultaneously or on their own. What is more, they have included separate inputs and outputs for both, which allows you to route your signal the way you want. You can place chorus in front of delay or vice versa, and maybe even shove some other effects in between. It is completely up to you. As I have mentioned, V3 H20 is not digital, but rather it utilizes analog signal path in order to create the most organic sound. This unit operates with both true and buffered bypasses, so that you can mix and match the dry and wet signals the way you want. The whole pattern of this pedal is that you can be in charge of basically everything and easily produce creative pieces. The concept of two pedals in one might scare you, since you might think that this thing will take up your whole pedalboard. But trust me, in reality, it has a pretty fair size and occupies less space than two side-jacked pedals. Oh, and let’s not forget that apart from all these wonderful treats on the surface, there are some gems hidden under beautiful blue enclosure. Quite promising, am I right?


This section will be quite loaded, so I will try to jump right in. Just know that V3 H2O has all the controls you will ever need both on the exterior and inside the circuit. The pedal is divided in two segments, with one taking care of the chorus and the other modifying the features of delay. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

The chorus part houses 5 knobs and 2 switches. Speed modifies the rate of the chorus, Width changes the length of vibrato waves, while Depth modifies the amount of chorus and goes from subtle to intense. Chor-Vib blends together these two effects and allows you to select either of them or both. When you choose vibrato, you are left with a completely wet signal. Tone modifies the presence of higher frequencies and enables you to cut them whenever needed. Then we have the Intensity switch that moves from Light, Medium and High intensity of chorus. And lastly, we have Detune, that makes it possible to explore the realm of noisy and extreme chorus.

Moving on to the echo part, we have Delay which modifies the delay time; Repeats changes the amount of repeats (a.k.a. feedback); Level adjusts the volume of repetitions; Short/Long switch shifts between Short (10 – 225ms) and Long (225 – 450ms) delays. There is an Internal Buffer switch for each circuits, which allows you to quickly change your true bypass into the buffer and vice versa.


When it comes to the sound of V3 H2O, we are talking about a true beast that can do it all. Its sonic versatility is out of this world and quickly impress even the demanding players. The concept of combining two pedals in one enclosure does not mean that tonal qualities are sacrificed for cool appearance and features. Rather, we have two individual stompboxes that sound fantastic. The chorus can be subtle, steeped with lushness or extremely different and intense. It can easily change its character depending on your setting and deliver ethereal savors each time. Vibrato is swirly and rhythmic and blends perfectly with chorus. Their combination is one of the many benefits of this badass pedal. Echo section provides you with a beautiful mix of digital and analog delays, which alters your performance drastically and encompasses you with chorus-vibrato-delay craze. No matter what pedal order you choose to employ, V3 H2O will perform wonderfully and will definitely force your creative juices to start flowing eternally.


I don’t think that Truetone V3 H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo needs any round-up or final thoughts. It is clear as a day that the innovative idea behind this pedal works wonders. Everything about this fella is thoughtful, even the knobs, switches and jacks. And the best part? You have three different effects available on hand. I don’t think that it can get better than this, but I will still trust you with the final verdict. Truetone V3 H2O is simply beautiful. Do not overthink, take a risk and maybe you will find the pedal that you lacked all your life. Good luck!

No matter how much we try, chorus will never get truly obsolete. Some musicians might stop utilizing it, some might even forget about its existence, but there will always be those, who will admire it with affection. I am not completely objective when speaking about this effect, since I have been its loyal user longer than I can remember. But even those who do not employ it as much will state that is has some characteristics that have become staples in every genre. If you have played with rotary speakers at least once, you will know what I am talking about. Though such chorus is quite hard to emulate, there are some brands and models that come close enough. And one of those is definitely TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus. This outstanding device has it all and a bit more. You might not be too impressed as you take your first glance, but after a little scrutiny you will quickly understand what it is truly capable of. If came across this name while searching the market for a badass chorus pedal and got curious, then keep on reading and I will give you the information you will need!


Nobody can claim that TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is not packed with features. It is just the opposite – it comes with a full combination of useful properties and some of them are not exposed initially. What I mean is that this pedal has TonePrint enabled, which makes it possible to pair this unit with an app. This way you can download some cool tracks and perform with them. You can find different chorus styles such as SCF (which TC Electronic swears by) and Tri-Chorus and add them to your rig. This way you have the opportunity to access diverse possibilities with a single device. What is more, you can also edit your sound via TonePrint Editor and even create your own pieces. When it comes to the pedal itself, TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus has an Analog-Dry-Through which maintains the clarity of your sound and delivers its true nature without interfering with its qualities. It also has True Bypass switching that enables faultless transfer of the signal even when the pedal is deactivated. This unit works well with your instrument and other stompboxes, which means you can easily place it in your rig and employ it whenever needed. It is housed in a compact, small enclosure, which is very convenient, since it takes up just a tiny amount of space on your pedalboard. The chassis is quite durable as well and can withstand a hit or two. As you can see, TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is rather diverse and flexible, which means it deserves a permanent place in your signal chain.


TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus has everything figured out in the control section. Here, things are not overcrowded or too complicated. All the knobs are easily understandable and it will take seconds to unveil their true capabilities. They rotate smoothly and offer quite a good range, which will make everything even easier for you. For the sake of this article, let’s get a bit more detailed, dig deeper and find out whether these knobs can change anything in your sound (sure as hell they can but I would prefer if you saw everything yourself).

The control set here is quite typical for chorus pedals. We have Depth, Rate and FX Level which modify the parameters of your sound accurately. Depth alters the intensity of the effect, thus allowing you to add as much chorus as your heart desires. Then we have Rate, which sets the speed of the effect and allows you to be as fast as you want. Last but not least, we have FX Level which alters overall volume and keeps the pedal even with the rest of the signal chain. Of course we also have a footswitch that activates or turns off the stompbox. The rest can be controlled with the editor or the app, which simplifies the whole process even further. TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is tailored to the user and everything is designed to suit their needs and requirements.


Finally, we have reached the most important part of this article. A lot can be said about the sound of TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus, but I will try to keep it short and mention the significant stuff only. After all, regardless of how much I talk, you will not be able to grasp its full tonal potential unless you play with it and listen to its tone yourself. But I will still do my best. So, this pedal represents everything we love about mini stompboxes. Its tiny shell stores a wide variety of sounds. Just by meddling with on-board controls you can create shimmery, dimensional chorus that has enough depth for any needs. But as you engage the TonePrint Editor or the app, you get just how much can be delivered even through basic pedals. TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus can emulate the sound of rotary speakers – the most sought after type of chorus out there. Some might think that its tone is a bit thin, but I think that is the matter of taste. Depending on the role of chorus in your rig, you will require different things. My suggestion would be to listen to the demos, some of the TonePrints and get the idea of how everything interacts with each other. This way you will know if the capabilities of this fella are compatible with your playing style, musical genre and etc.


On the whole, TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is one of the best mini chorus pedals out there. If you have encountered with the brand before, you will know what is the potential of their app and editor. These are the opportunities that would not be accessible if it were not for the digital innovations. Good luck with your TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus and may it help you create legendary pieces!


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