Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Great sound
  • Wide range of effects and presets
  • Quite affordable


  • Some presets are barely usable,
  • The two-figure screen is not easy to read

What can you do when you don’t have that much money but can’t say no to the urge to purchase a multi-effects pedal? I have experienced the fear of getting a crappy unit and wasting the money I barely scraped. Though there are many brands that can be trusted in the affordable range, you still have to compromise a lot of things there. Sometimes it’s interesting to explore other options that might be waiting for you, but for that, you have to keep an open mind and don’t complain about every single thing.

In that case, you can always splurge for a smaller-sized guitar pedal. Such multi-effects pedals don’t usually offer as much flexibility or versatility as their bigger companion, but they do offer the same quality at a fraction of the price. And we can all agree that it’s better to own something a bit more limited but with mesmerizing sounds than a device steeped with features and lacking definition or clarity. Who else could we trust more than Vox to come out with a device that has a friendly footprint, but still offers enough versatility for the majority of guitarists? Their Stomplab IIG is one of the best options for the price and if you read this article till the end, you’ll definitely find out why. Let’s begin!


There was a time when I couldn’t believe that compact and multi-effects processor could coexist in one sentence. In fact, I’d never believe I would describe it with that particular adjective. But here we are, in the wonderful modern age, and I have to tell you that Vox Stomplab IIG is very small in size. Its tiny footprint will take a very small place on your pedalboard or your gig bag. Though it isn’t the quality that defines the worth of this one, it is rare enough to be worth mentioning. More importantly, this baby comes with 48 effects, including modulation, drives, delays, reverbs, compression, wash, and many more. It does also have 44 amp and 12 cabinet simulations, featuring some proprietary models. You can utilize up to 8 effects simultaneously and create multi-dimensional and diverse sounds. If you produce something that you really like but don’t remember the settings and effects you employed, you can always store those pieces in 20 memory locations. There are 100 pre-recorded presets that can be recalled whenever needed. It all depends on your needs.

Just like many other multi-effects pedals, Stomplab IIG has an in-built tuner that allows you to quickly tune your signal if your strings seem to be emitting odd sounds. This way you can always keep your sound accurate and free from unfortunate mistakes. When it comes to connections, things remain extremely straightforward: we have a guitar input, an output that can be used for guitar headphones as well, and a 9V DC jack for connecting the adapter. It goes without saying that this fella is way more diverse than its size would make you believe. It has many virtues that make multi-effects so desirable and the convenience of its properties is what turns it into a go-to unit.


The simplicity, that isn’t present in the majority of multi-effects processors out there, is more than enough in Stomplab IIG. Though the names of the settings aren’t shown fully on the display and you’ll have to figure out what is what in the beginning, this pedal is extremely easy to operate, especially if you take a look at the rest of the market. I think it will be even more clear if I say that even beginners who have never utilized such a unit before will be able to understand it in no time. Just in case you still need proof, let me explain available controls and provide you with strong arguments.

Stomplab IIG operates in two modes, Program and Edit, and some of its encoders take up different responsibilities depending on the mode. Category enables you to choose the preset according to its genre (in Edit, it selects the effect you want to alter), Value 1 adjusts the gain of the amplifier in the first one, and sets the first parameter of the effect in the latter, while Value 2 determines the level of the output in Program and sets the second parameter in the Edit mode. Edit button enables you to choose the desired mode of operation with a single press. Up and down buttons and footswitches let you choose the program or navigate through the settings while editing. The expression pedal switch makes it possible to choose which settings will be altered with the taper. Simple, right?  

Vox Stomplab 2G Sound

When it comes to sound, Stomplab IIG is way better than anyone would expect at this price range. Even though you’ll definitely find some presets that can’t be used seriously, there are many that will complement your sound beautifully. For the sake of simplicity, presets are stored according to genres, however, don’t think that that’s the only style those can be used with.

This unit is all about experimenting and unleashing the creativity that is hidden in every guitarist. You get a wide variety of effects and amps to choose from, which is always a huge virtue. The majority of them sound organic and natural as if you were performing with individual pedals. Keep in mind that you are limited in tweakable parameters, but unless you require some studio quality adjustments, you’ll be fine. Stomplab IIG isn’t the most advanced device out there, but it’s a wonderful practice for practice or smaller gigs.


To summarize everything discussed above, Vox Stomplab IIG is the perfect option for those who aren’t looking for sophisticated and overly complicated units. It’s certainly one of the best multi-effects pedals in its price range, and keeping that in mind, its minor issues can be easily forgotten. When you get so much to work with, it’s really unfair to complain about one or two presets, don’t you agree? Just try this one out and it will make your life so much easier. Good luck! 

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