Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Vox VX50KB 50 Watt Compact Keyboard Amplifier


  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Sounds amazing
  • Durable chassis that will not break on you
  • Three-channel design


  • The shared EQ between the channels might not be as precise as desired
  • Has to be powered with VOX power supply

Who can say no to powerful stage beasts? Those magnificent units that can conquer any venue and fill the atmosphere with amazing sound? Hardly anyone, I guess. But there are still those who are not there yet. Those, who need something for practice and learning before they move on to performances and gigs. In such cases, huge power does not mean anything. What you need is a simple tool that has amazing sound and allows you to perfect everything about your playing. This is especially true for keyboard amplifiers. But do not think that this article is meant for only beginners. Whether you are just starting out or want to taste the feel of the brand once again, this is the right place. VX50KB can be easily called one of the best keyboard amplifiers especially in its price range, it can also be utilized as a stage monitor or a portable PA system.  Stay with me and I will give you all the basic info you need. Shall we begin?


VOX never disappoints its customers and always creates products that not only sound amazing but are also eye-catching. VX50KB is designed in black and white color scheme, representing the vibe of keyboards. Its every constituent is built to suit this instrument perfectly, namely, it has bass reflex structure that depicts lower frequencies in the best way possible. Plus, it weighs only 4.1 kilos which means it can be transported anywhere without any problem. More importantly, VX50KB can output 50 watts of power and is equipped with a Nutube 6P1 vacuum valve for maximum sonic results. It drives a single VOX Original 8” speaker with the two-way coaxial tweeter. This portable combo has three channels with separate inputs to ensure versatility and enhance your possibilities even further. It is clear as a day that the feature package of VX50KB has all the essentials a keyboardist might need and delivers the performance without over-complicating the utilization.

And when it comes to the array of inputs and outputs, here we have single inputs for each channel (the CH1 also accepts mic), stereo auxiliary input for external analog audio sources, phone output for silent rehearsals, and Line Out socket for connecting VX50KB to the PA system and rocking stages of different sizes.


The control section shares that whole black-and-white theme and features white knobs that are mounted on the surface of the same color. The labels are black and complement the inputs. The panel is surrounded with black leather, making it stand out and shine. The knobs themselves are arranged in a simple manner, requiring rudimentary adjustments and tweaks. Most of them display their functions with labels, but I still want to touch up on this subject and discuss all of them in depth.

The first switch you will notice here is situated right next to the CH3 input. It moves shifts between Line and Mic, allowing you to tailor the response of the amplifier to your signal. Moving forward, there are individual Volume knobs for each channel, which enable you to modify the level of the instrument connected to them. They are equipped with Clip LEDs that light up when the level of the signal is too high and starts to break up. Next up we have the Phase switch that reverses the phase of the input to the Input CH3 jack. When the microphone is connected, it can also eliminate the howling of the lower frequencies coming from the rest of the channels. We also have a three band equalizer with Bass, Middle and Treble knobs, of course. And finally, there is a Master control, which balances out the overall output of the amplifier by setting its volume.  

Vox VX50KB Sound

If I were looking at a 50-watt solid-state amplifier, I would not get my hopes up and honestly say that it would not exceed the walls of your bedroom. Maybe I would suggest trying it out in smaller, not-crowded venues, depending on the acoustical environment. But since VX50KB employs vacuum tubes it is way louder than you would initially assume. Its output level is enough for band rehearsals and any smaller venues. And if you play bigger gigs, it will be a perfect stage monitor.

Now, the vacuum tube I mentioned above does impact the sonic appearance of this amplifier. Not only does it make your tone warmer and sweeter, but it also seems to be the perfect match for keyboards. The bass reflex system shows itself off every time you hit lower notes. VX50KB can deliver full-bodied basses that could not get better considering the speaker capacities. And let’s not forget those sparkling and shimmery highs this fella can produce. The overall feel of this combo is the richness and clarity that accompanies each and every key. For something that weighs merely 4 kilos, VX50KB has surprising sonic qualities that will not disappoint anyone.


There is a reason why musicians trust VOX with their life: you can buy their products blindfolded and still receive a quality amplifier. Their units set a high bar persistently, remaining in the list of top brands. The newer technology of Nutube, bass reflex, and the coaxial speaker makes a lot of difference in terms of sound and leaves you with a unit that will not fail on you no matter what. Even though its chassis is not wooden, the material is hard enough to withstand numerous hits and extend the lifespan of this tiny magic. Those, who are tired of their backs hurting from carrying around heavy tube amplifiers, should not look any further. Anybody in search of inexpensive valve combos should consider splurging on VX50KB. Good luck!

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