July 26, 2012

Chelsea Wolfe

California native Chelsea Wolfe isn't really an unknown in her parts, but with her music lurking somewhere deep in the golden state's darkness, it's been a slow escape from behind the bright lights of all that fake Los Angeles sparkle for the young songwriter and into parts of the world that never bothered to look in the shadows. Wolfe has an astounding awareness for darkness, one that she uses to her advantage to consume her sound just as much as she releases it into the open air, revealing a rewarding lightness. An artistic mind from the very beginning, the virtuoso is a self-learned musician who at the age of 9 took curiosity in the arts by experimenting with keyboard loops at her country musician father's home studio. It wasn't until much later on in 2009 that Wolfe's creative vision came together, however, after a journey across Europe with a group of fellow starving artists changed everything. Together, they played in church cathedrals and abandoned buildings, and it's in those places where the beautiful black landscape of Chelsea Wolfe's musical terrain sewed its first seeds. Since then, she's released two albums with her immaculately funereal 2010 debut The Grime & the Glow and last year's doom folk follow-up Ἀποκάλυψις (which means “Apokalypsis,") a full-band effort that built in facets of black metal into her hollowed elemental sound. On October 16th, Wolfe's brittle voice takes focus on her latest effort Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, arriving on Sargent House. To date, Wolfe has played with a wide spectrum of dark-minded spirits including Zola Jesus and Ceremony, and will soon be supporting progressive instru-metal act Russian Circles. Transcending doesn't even begin to describe Chelsea Wolfe or her music, but it's her open-minded eclecticism to evolve beyond the limits that should inevitably see her vision rise at dusk.

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