Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Easy to use
  • Offers wide range of features
  • Manual mode emulates classic pedalboards


  • The design is not outdoor-friendly

You know how we absolutely adore the products some brands come out with? We love the concept behind them and we do enjoy the technology utilized in the circuitry. However, as time goes by and musical equipment develops, those pedals become outdated and we can’t help but long for something else. For this reason, manufacturers are forced to open the doors to innovation and explore the scope of their own capabilities. Somewhere along the way, they reinvent the technology and come up with the constituents that are more relevant in the modern world. Effects pedals, especially multi-effects ones, aren’t the devices that don’t require change. In fact, unless they have updating mechanism built into their bodies, the chances are you’ll get bored with them as soon as something more innovative comes into play. We all know that if Boss creates a wonderful pedal, it’s something that can easily withstand the competition. Their GT line has always been renowned with GT-100 being one of the most distinguished members. This revamped multi-effects pedal offers way more possibilities than it used to and provides us with even greater flexibility. If you want to purchase something that you can update whenever it gets too old, then you have to pay attention to this article. Let’s get started and explore the options we have with this one!


As I have mentioned above, Boss decided to include renewed technology in their GT-100. They have incorporated up-to-the-minute DSP (Digital Signal Processing) mechanism that allows for better sound quality. They have also included new COSM modeling, which provides the user with the ability to choose from wide array of amplifiers. This way you get access even more versatility and experiment with all the sounds you’ve ever thought of. Additionally, GT-100 comes with EZ Tone (i.e. Easy Tone) feature that enables you to create your own sounds from scratch. All you have to do is choose the desired musical style and the type of song you have in mind. You can even model and distortion/overdrive settings and choose the properties that suit your music the most. This puppy (judging by its size, a mastiff I would say) has a unique ACCEL footswitch that enables you to take charge of several parameters simultaneously. This way you can not only access all the useful features with your feet, but also change them conveniently whenever needed. GT-100 offers MIDI/USB connections that can be employed for recording your sound or editing it from an external device. You can even utilize monophonic MIDI via standard guitar input – you can basically do whatever you want. Let’s not forget that this pedal can be connected to Boss editing librarian software that lets you craft your sound in greater detail or download additional patches. Speaking of which, the unit comes with 200 factory recorded presets and 200 locations for storing your own pieces. GT-100 offers looper with 38 seconds of recording time in mono operation (19 in stereo), as well. One of the coolest features it offers is the ability to split the channel for creating dual amp and effects chains. And all of that without any complication and confusion. Boss did a wonderful job once again and came out with something that can basically change your perception of multi-effects pedals.  


Okay, let’s be honest, Boss GT-100 isn’t a single-knob unit that can be figured out in a matter of seconds. You’ll have to give it some time before you have enough knowledge to unleash its true nature. However, the brand did its best to simplify the tweaking process and make the job easier for you. They have also supplied the manual that includes all the necessary information for you. Even though I’d love to provide you with a thorough explanation of each control, it isn’t feasible due to the abundance of settings and modifiable properties. But I’ll still do my best to give you a general idea of what’s going on here.

You have two options here: you can either use the pedal as is or enter the manual mode. In the former, you utilize two LCD displays and complementary buttons in order to navigate through menu and choose what you want to change or tweak. The second one splits the effects block and enables you to operate GT-100 as if it were a combination of individual stompboxes. Each footswitch can be assigned with a different effect so that you can combine them however you desire. You can also utilize the ACCEL pedal in order to trigger one of the six available effects (with its help you can make your sound more dramatic). The combination of LCDs, footswitches and encoders is what makes up the control section of GT-100.

Boss GT‌ 100 Sound

The sound of GT-100 won’t leave you with the desire that you lack anything. In this section, we basically have everything you could want from such a device. Amp simulations vary from simple to advanced – you can access some renowned models. All of them have wonderful quality and are responsive to your playing techniques and feet action. The effects sound organic, thick and rich – forcing you to utilize them rather frequently. ACCEL opens up a whole lot more opportunities: it adds even more audio effects while allowing you to access the desired patch with your feet. The majority of factory presets are extremely usable and you’ll definitely find the tones that you’ll be reaching for daily. GT-100 lets you split the channel and produce more dimensional sounds. And it will be hard for you to find a tone that won’t have good quality. That’s the best part about this one.


To summarize everything said above, Boss GT-100 is for those who are looking for diversity, adventure and simplicity. Compared to other multi-effects pedals this one is quite easy to use. It provides you with mesmerizing sounds, interesting options to work with and wonderful quality through and through. If you know and trust Boss, then this one is definitely something you have to try out. Good luck! 

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  1. the only missing point here is that you dont compare it with the GT 10 , we want to know if it worth to upgrade ( ? ) to GT 100 .


  2. I have been using the GT3 for years now and have tried every board in the GT range right up to the 10. have also tried helix, Fractle and a few others…. none of them sound as good as the GT3…All the effects are fine but I find the GT3 doesn`t color or alter the tone of the`s very transparent…

    • GT3 is the beast but GT100 is also a great effects processor. Some people prefer GT3 but for me, GT100 a little better-sounding in my opinion.

  3. It does have tap tempo… in stompbox mode one can assign each footswitch a different effect (e.g. 1 = OD; 2 = Delay; 3 = REV etc.)…

    or the other way around and if you scroll far enough there will be the option to assign tap tempo (e.g.: 1 = REV; 2 = OD; 3 = Delay; 4 = Tap Tempo; etc.)

    Cheers! =)


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