Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.9 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.9 out of 5 stars

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Takamine GD30CE-12NAT


  • Affordable
  • Good Sound
  • Amazing Tonal Flexibility


  • Weak Electronics

There are many 12 string guitars that are expensive and sound great, saturating the market with the best of the best. Because of this some people don’t realize, and subsequently miss out on, a market bracket full of great 12 string guitars that are so much more affordable and yet sound so good. The Takamine GD30CE-12NAT resides in this bracket. Let’s take a closer look and identify all of the things that make it so great.

Body Quality

The body of the guitar is, as most people who know 12 string guitar have come to anticipate, a dreadnought shape. Though this one is slightly customized, with single-cutaway chipping away at the traditional shape of the guitar. As a result we get an interesting looking 12 string guitar that sounds no less powerful or basstastic than any of the other, more expensive 12 string guitars.

The top of the guitar is made of solid spruce. This wood, essential to the existence of modern acoustic guitars, is also essential to the clearness of sound and the expressive tones that the Takamine produces. The mid and high tones of the guitar sound exceptional thanks to the help of this hardwood. The back and sides of the guitar are solid mahogany This choice of wood ensures that the already bulky guitar does not weigh extreme amounts of weight, is sturdy, and has a well enhanced and detailed bass sound.

The neck of the guitar is mahogany as well. This gives the guitar a homogenous dark color that makes the guitar feel much more official and expensive than it is. The special neck bracing system allows the guitar to remain resistant to damage, further enhanced by the mahogany. The neck is topped with solid, dark rosewood, as easy on the eyes as it is on the fingers.


The bridge of the guitar is made of rosewood, bringing warmth and darkness to the tones of the guitar, as well as to the front of it. Cosmetically impressive, the bridge provides a little bit more darkness that the guitar needs to look handsome.

The nut and saddle of the guitar are synthetic bones. The material is one of my favorite synthetics, providing a little bit more tonal bias towards the high notes, as well as a solid harmony and mitigating a good amount of string buzz.

The tuners are adequate and hold the tuning for a good amount of time. Fortunate, for all the ambitious trying to get this 12 stringer.


The electronics on the guitar are rather basic. The manufacturer provides a Takamine TP-4TD Preamp with a Built-In Tuner. This gives the guitar the ability to project at a much more powerful level through an amp. There are several control knobs to help customize the sound of the guitar.

Takamine GD30CE‌ Sound

The verdict on the sound is very hard to make. While the guitar is incredibly affordable, it is capable of producing an exceptional sound. While the electronics might not be the strongest part, they are appreciated good enough to keep the sound adequate. The guitar truly shines when played on an acoustic setting, providing an incredible tonal range, with warmth and vibrance at the same time. So, just like you’d expect, the guitar has the good and the bad.


What the Takamine GD30CE-12NAT does for all of us is introduce a cheap offer with a great sound. Anyone deserves the right to play an instrument, especially one as beautiful and unique as a 12 string. I definitely recommend this to every 12 string beginner and professional alike. Great guitar.

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