Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe Guitar Effects Pedal


  • Full control over your tone
  • Versatile
  • Handmade (for those boutique pedal lovers)
  • Defined tremolo effect


  • A bit hard to understand all the controls
  • No battery option

Waves are associated with so many things for different people. When you name this word, some will think of picturesque scenery with blue sea washing over the shore with its tides. It is easy to see the breathtaking image of watery heaven and not think about anything else. However, musicians look at things a bit differently. They not only create wonderful pieces, but they also go deep in their sound and explore the ways in which it is created. For this reason, waves here are associated with waveforms and the fluctuations produced in their sound.

And when talking about waveforms, the first thing that comes to mind is tremolo. This effect hugely relies on such changes in the sonic body and emits different sounds depending on the shape of the waves. The reason why I decided to include this information right in the beginning is that the pedal we are discussing today, namely Wampler Latitude Deluxe, is based on the concept of the diversity of waveforms.

Unlike other stompboxes on the market, it is truly steeped with versatile options and possibilities. If you absolutely adore tremolo and utilize it frequently, then this might be the perfect one to consider. Let’s begin this journey and unveil all the secrets of this effect!


It is not easy to talk about the features of Wampler Latitude Deluxe, since it has so much to offer. Though this is the most insignificant of all, I will still start by saying that this baby is hand-built in the USA with high-quality material. If you have played with the pedals from this brand before, I do not think you will doubt the construction of this one either. Their boutique devices are always extremely meticulous and durable.

The design looks expensive and fancy, with a white surface, transparent knobs and silver switches (and it could not have been otherwise at this price point). What is more, Latitude Deluxe has a true bypass switching that ensures tonal integrity in your sound. It offers three different shapes of waves: Square, Peak, and Sine. Each of them has different sonic outcome, ensuring the diversity of your tremolo.

It does also allow you to modify the subdivisions and switch between quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted eight notes and triplets. You do also have the option to tap in your preferred tempo using the separate footswitch. And apart from all these, there is a bulky set of encoders in order to control the rest of the parameters (more on that below). It is true that Latitude Deluxe is wide and might occupy quite some space on your pedalboard, but once you consider all of its features, you will find that it is all worth it.

Keep in mind that this stompbox cannot be powered with batteries, so you have to utilize an adapter. This is just a minor flaw that you should consider beforehand. As you can see, Latitude Deluxe does not lack versatility and options. This baby is a real beast that lets you taste all the flavors of tremolo. Huge thumbs up to Wampler!


If discussing Latitude Deluxe was a mouthful in the feature section, then you have to get ready, since we have a lot more to talk about. It has five knobs, two toggles and two footswitches – how the hell could we ask for more. You truly have the ability to tweak your sound meticulously, which is one of the main benefits of this pedal. It might take you some time to figure everything out, but there is nothing here that will cause confusion.

The control panel of Latitude Deluxe features a Space knob, which allows you to modify the distance between volume fluctuations. You can create a wave with close peaks or increase the space and produce blank parts. Next in line is Attack. It adjusts how the effect impacts your sound and how hard it will “hit” your signal. It has zero influence on square waves due to their character and form. We also have Depth which modifies the amount of tremolo added to your performance. Then we have Volume and Speed, which set the overall level and rate of the effect, respectively. We have Waveform and Subdivision toggles, which alter the shape of the waves and modify the scale of your tremolo. Finally, we have two footswitches: Tap Tempo enables you to dial in the rhythm, while Bypass activates or turns off the pedal.

Wampler Latitude Tremolo Sound

You cannot even imagine just how multi-faceted the sound of Wampler Latitude Deluxe is. It can create a simple tremolo that does not have anything special. But you do also have the possibility to diversify it the way you desire. The most essential feature here is the ability to modify the waveforms. Square waves create a sound that has a sort of on/off effect. Peaks produce sudden and defined spikes, and the shape of the wave is quite pointy, while Sine is a bit subtler than peak with softer edges and volume jumps.

Additionally, Latitude Deluxe allows you to tap in the tempo of your sound with a footswitch. With this feature, you can easily dial in the rhythm of the band without having to fuss around with knobs. Subdivisions do also help you to emit pulsating tremolo that will bring to life the whole performance. The depth makes the effect really intense and, thus, steeps your whole sound in powerful, stuttering notes. With this pedal you can stay subtle and shy, or go completely crazy and explore the extreme territories. And all that with just a twist of the knobs. Cool stuff!


Wampler always succeeds at putting together powerful devices. Latitude Deluxe is amazing not because of the brand name, but due to its capable features and overall character. It impacts your sound as soon as you plug it in and forces you to get creative and start exploring. No matter what amount of tremolo you employ, this pedal will be of great help to you. Play with it and I guarantee, you will be amazed. Good luck! 

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