May 13, 2011


Metal purists hate them, the Williamsburg scene love them. If there's one thing to be said about Brooklyn's Liturgy, it's that boxing them into a label of either "black metal" or "noise rock" isn't going to solve the debate as to what genre they are anytime soon (but if you want AwkwardSound's opinion, the band transcends both of them.) This polarizing four-piece is true to their name, evoking a religious experience that breeds dark, heavy annihilation in full-throttle guitars and speedy drumming, but with an artistically divine intensity that makes it easy to understand why Liturgy sits on the eclectic Thrill Jockey roster. On their 2009 album, Renihilation, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and his bandmates, Greg Fox, Tyler Dusenbury and Bernard Gan, sounded controlled and simplistic in their approach, but it's their newest breakthrough, Aesthethica, that destroys all preconceived notions with chaos, repetition and even some deep-seeded melodies (if you can look past Hunt-Hendrix's pterodactyl-like shrieks.) Whatever you may make of these four Brooklyn noisemakers, know that the band takes what it does very seriously. Hunt-Hendrix has even penned some literature based around the concept of their music entitled Transcendental Black Metal: A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism where he advocates “fostering joy, health, resonance, awaking, transfiguration, and courage” through their sound. Aesthethica is out now on Thrill Jockey Records, allowing you to decide whether or not the wildly unpredictable LP is as cathartic as Liturgy's pretensions suggest. If you're still not convinced, the band's acclaimed live show will surely transform some into believers when Liturgy sets out on a U.S. tour this summer.

Liturgy - "High Gold"

Liturgy - "Generation"

Directed by: Zev Deans

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