Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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BOSS DD‌-7 Digital Delay Pedal


  • Extremely durable
  • Has additional inputs and outputs
  • Does not alter the ton


  • Modulation mode is not for everyone
  • Can get noisy easily

It is not a secret to anyone that Boss pedals have occupied the bigger part of the stompbox market. Their products are renowned for outstanding build quality and amazing sounds, and it all comes at a rather affordable price. Many professionals and beginners splurge on their pedals due to simplicity, convenience, and flexibility. This is the pattern that has been lingering for quite a while now and I am sure Boss is not going to stop there. Yeah, some purists look down on their stompboxes, but that does not belittle them even a bit.

After all, the main thing is to make those products work for you. If you do not receive the results you desired, that is okay, too. You cannot achieve success without trial and error. As for today’s article, we are going to talk about DD-7 – digital delay pedal that basically has it all. Let’s explore its features, controls and sound and find out whether this little fella knows how to get the job done!


For the brand that has been around for so long, it is not surprising to have numerous pedals of the same ilk. Their delay line features different models with various capabilities and DD-7 is part of that team. It is an improvement compared to the previous models, since it basically combines all the gems from its predecessors. If you have tried earlier DD-6 or even DM-2 and you felt like you lacked something, DD-7 will make up for it. Traditionally, it is built like a tank and will last through years of heavy (and when I say heavy, I mean it) abuse.

You have probably heard about the durability of Boss pedals countless times, so I am not going to say anything else about that. The design is typical for the brand and features dark ivory enclosure, a huge stomping space and black knobs with blue tops. Moving on to more important features, DD-7 is a digital delay pedal and offers different modes of operation. It even allows you to replicate the feel of legendary DM-2 – an analog wonder we all love.

This bad boy has the looping functionality (can look up to 40 seconds), enabling you to drown in those interminable delays. It has a long delay time, i.e. 6.4 seconds, which is more than enough to achieve slow, but powerful echoes. The selling point for this one is definitely the connections. Apart from having an input for an external footswitch (can set the tap tempo) or an expression pedal (can control delay time, feedback and effect level), DD-7 has dual inputs and outputs and can be configured for stereo operation. It can be supplied with batteries and a power supply, just keep in mind that it will eat the hell up out of the former.


As I have emphasized above, Boss pedals are known to be easy to use. You basically shove them in your chain, plug all the chords, make a rotation or two with the knobs and you are ready to roll. The same goes for DD-7 as well. The only thing that will take some time is exploring all the possibilities and tailoring them to your own sounds. In order to grasp just what it has up its sleeve, we shall find out the extent of adjustability we get here.

E. Level (i.e. Effect Level) modifies the output level and allows you to achieve unity volume easily. F. Back (Feedback) adjusts the number of repetitions and increases it as you turn the knob clockwise. D. Time (Delay Time) is quite self-explanatory – it simply sets the delay time and allows you to create longer delays. The last knob we have is Mode, which triggers the effect itself and lets you choose between different modes. You can select Standard (with varied delay times), Hold, Modulate, Analog and Reverse modes and achieve diverse results with each. DD-7 does also have a Check LED, which displays, whether the pedal is activated or not and indicates on the battery state. It can also light up differently depending on the chosen settings.

Boss DD7 Sound

DD-7 has proven once again that even inexpensive pedals can sound fantastic. The overall sonic quality here is out of this world, with nice modern touch and the warmth that saturates every single note you pick. The standard mode offers a well-refined textured delay that has a character of its own. It is vibrant and can be heard even with the lower settings. As you mess around with delay times, you have the ability to get creative and experiment with different lengths. As you move on to the hold mode, which offers to overdub, you have an amazing opportunity to play around with delayed loops.

Their quality is not the best and cannot substitute an individual looper (plus you cannot save the loops), however, if you have not tried it yet, this might be a great starting point.  The best qualities of DD-7 are displayed through its Analog mode. Boss did their best to capture the character of our beloved DM-2 and, boy, did they succeed! It is reminiscent of those warm and sweet tones of analog pedals, without being artificial. Moderate can create chorus-like sounds and deepen your sound even further.

The reverse can emit psychedelic tones and feel you up with spatial feel. The effect operates in two modes with the help of the E. Level knob – Effect Sound + Direct Sound and Effect Sound Only. This way you can blend the perfect amount of delay to your original signal and create a true uniformed masterpiece.


On the whole, DD-7 is truly the best sounding delay pedals from Boss and not only. It has everything one could ask for and does not require ages to get used to. The simplicity and convenience plays a huge part here, and even if we neglect that, the tones will force us to lean towards this pedal. If you want something that is reliable, you should not look any further. Good luck!

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